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By joining our beta 2.0 program, you’ll be leaving your mark on the future of work. Besides bragging rights, you’ll get exclusive early access to the assessment product, benchmark data & discounts across all the adaptai products and services.

“69% of hiring managers agree that adaptability is the most important soft skill”

LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2018

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Frequently asked questions

What will the pilot experience be like for our people?

Easy, simple, interesting and with an instant summary dashboard.

When will the Beta Program take place?

Winter 2019 and will be around a 90 day program

What time commitment will I be asking my people for?

30 Minutes. A 25 minute assessment and a 5 minute user experience survey (all online – either on mobile or desktop/browser)

How do I roll this out in my organization or position this with our employees?

We will provide the organisation lead a Beta Partner Portal, with an email template and relevant content to empower and guide your employee communications.

How will you be measuring adaptability?

Using a combination of existing and new research, focused on behavioral science, psychology and business challenges. Our research is headed up by Nicolas Deuschel PhD, Professor at University Carlos III in Madrid and his team.

What happens to the data?

It’s stored securely in the cloud, in line with current GDPR standards. It will be used to generate the reports for your employees. No names or specifics will be shared with any other beta partners. See our privacy statement in our terms and conditions.

Will I get a report?

Yes, it will be basic at first and might not be instant. It’s where your feedback will help us the most, providing the data and actionable insights that are highly valuable for you. Each individual will receive a bespoke report, individualized, with it being their choice whether to share this data with you (their company). You as the employer will receive a summary and score for each employee, with less in depth data.

How will benchmarking data help me?

Although its anonymized, the benchmarking could help you see how your employees stack up against some other companies, of your size, maybe even in the same industry. If you know of another company who you would like to put forward for joining the beta program, please send them here to apply:

Is this just another personality test?

Far from it. Whereas personality tests measure the 20% of our psychological makeup that is biological, innate, and much harder to change, our AQ assessment is a study of mindsets and behaviours that are learnable and possible to develop; furthermore, AQ is vital in the modern climate of accelerating change we are seeing in the world. AQ will be one of the determining factors in surviving vs thriving in the future of work. 

Is the report really for free?

Yes, in fact, you will receive a 2nd version, updated, at our next release, also for free!

How did you create/ test the Beta version?

Research Research Research, some imagineering and some magic fairy dust. We will share more as we progress to a commercial launch.

Is there a ranking/ measure of skills and how fixed are they?

AQ is far from being fixed and always depends on your personal qualities and situation. Therefore it would not make sense to rank you as there is no ‘best’ or ‘worst’ type of adaptability (just individual types of AQ that work right now or not). However part of AQ is a measure of your ability to deal with changes effectively. As with any skill they are not fixed – but – you can learn and develop these skills.

Why is adaptability important?

There are so many reasons, and we think you are here because you already recognise many of these. You can find out more at our blog.

How credible is AQ as a scale of measurement?

We used the latest techniques in psychology and management science to develop a measure of individual AQ within an organization. Our dimensions of adaptability are based on our internal research and in-depth interviews with HR and business leaders. We identified the most important business requirements of adaptability coming from agility, change and the future of work. We also cross-checked those requirements against findings from hundreds of academic studies to define each dimension and its components. All our measures are grounded on findings from top academic journals to ensure our scales are relevant, reliable and representative of adaptability.

What will be the next step post assessment?

Your organization will qualify for the same number of free assessments for the same users at our next assessment iteration, this will help us to ensure consistency in our assessments as they improve.

Does the assessment change?

It will get better and better (we promise) with your feedback, data and our continued investment in state of the art research.

My company is going through a restructuring with employee roles changing, how can the AQ help me?

Understanding how your employees might respond to change allows you to mitigate risk, and can help with open dialogue towards change.

Would it be optional or mandatory for employees?

We will provide two email templates for internal communications and positioning, one for optional assessments and one if you would like to make it mandatory.

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