Accelerate your teams’ success through exponential change transformational change cultural change technological change digital change national change global change managerial change structural change

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Discover your AQ score

Our smart AQ (Adaptability Quotient) assessment with personal report dashboard simplifies AQ. Unique data insights make it easy to understand and improve.

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Enhance your AQ

Aida, our AI chatbot, uses natural language to assess and coach your people. Platform agnostic, Aida works with you, any time, any where.

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Competitive Advantage

Upgrade your organisation’s adaptability performance with detailed metrics, OKR’s and benchmarking.  Hire, prepare and develop a workforce ready for rapid change.

Leave no one in your organisation behind
You’re in good company

Thrive in a world of exponential change

Transcend competition by developing highly adaptable teams who are equipped to transform industries and de-risk disruption.

  • Recruit high-adaptors to secure your future
  • Invest in adaptable leadership
  • Promote effectively, by matching AQ competencies to roles
  • Identify those at risk early and provide support to reskill
  • Build more effective and diverse innovation teams
  • Speed up your transformational, leadership, and corporate restructure programs with increased success

With the lack of adaptability costing $19.8 Billion a year, and causing the death of many past industry giants, don’t become the Kodak, Sears or Blackberry of tomorrow.  


Over 375 million* people may need to switch occupations and learn new skills, with a potential 75 million** jobs eliminated by 2025, what are you doing to prepare for tomorrow and the future of work?



** World Economic Forum

“Adaptability is the new competitive advantage”


Harvard Business Review

To the exponential leaders. The pioneers. The game changers. Here’s to the ones who see the world differently. They’re the ones who are brave, ambitious and experimental. While some might see disruption and risk, we see hope.

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